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Thu 11 5:00pm - Sun 14 Jul 2024

Posted by Luke S on Thu, 6 Jun 2024
Leaders: Luke S
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: Tue, 2 Jul 2024, 12:00 am

Townsville Winter Canyoning (minus the cold)

Planning a quick little destination holiday to Townsville to visit a friend, escape Melbourne winter, get some warmth and have a weekend of canyoning (hopefully it'll be cheaper than a weekend of skiing...) 


The rough plans are to leave Thursday 11th July (flight around 5pm) and return on Sunday (flights at 8pm). Hoping to do 2 canyons on Friday/Saturday. Open to ideas on Sunday but could be a day for exploring, frolicking on the beach or visiting Urban Climb (lol)


Budget $600 but hopefully it’ll be <$450 for the weekend. Main costs will be flights ~$300 (allow $50 extra for a lot of baggage...), Car hire + fuel (~$200 - I'm hopeful we will be sorted for car hire but be prepared to split the cost), food. 

Participants (excluding me): 0-2. I'll be going regardless and open to having 1 or 2 people join the festivities.  

Trip Requirements:

Ability to bush-bash amongst uphill for a couple of hours in gaiters amongst snakes is non-negotiable. Canyoning experience preferred but I am happy to barter with any stoked climbers who are confident belaying/descending but don't have any proper canyoning experience. 

If you're super stoked or not sure about the requirements, feel free to chat with me at the pub or via socials. 

Likely canyoning itinerary:

Jourama Canyon (Paluma Range National Park) V4 A3 III *** 

Approach: 50 - 70 minutes

Descent: 3 - 8 hours (max 60m rappel)

Exit: 10 - 30 minutes depending on route

Total time: ~8 hours 

Distance: 11 - 15 km round trip

Cystal Creek Canyon (Paluma Range National Park) V4 A3 IV **

Approach - 1-3 hours

Descent - 7-9 hours (longest rappel 35m)

Exit: 1 hour

Total Time: 12-18 hours

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