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Sat 25 8:00am - Sun 26 Jun 2016 4:00pm

Posted by Daniel A on Mon, 25 Jul 2016
Leaders: Daniel A
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: No meeting

This trip will be a weekend for improving leadership skills within the club. The plan is flexible at this stage but I am thinking potentially a not too early start on Saturday, drive to somewhere near but out of Melbourne (if someone has a holiday house to donate for the weekend that would be AMAZING! Richard I'm looking at you.) an afternoon of leadership stuff (See below) with a social evening of fun (games, movie, eating etc.) The next morning would have further leadership stuff (see below if the first prompt didn't work) and then return to Melbourne not too late.

This trip is open to all members with the main focus aimed at existing and soon to be leaders. If this is a bad weekend let me know, trying to plan it around the university exams etc.

This weekend will be different to the evening sessions run at the clubrooms earlier in the semester. There will be much more fun and interaction with scenarios and case studies.

The curriculum for the weekend will partly depend upon who I have volunteered (read coerced) into organising and how much time I have, but would include: communication skills, potentially some instruction techniques, looking at causes of accidents, some problem solving and scenario based problems and accident case study review.

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