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Sat 25 Jun 2016 7:00am - 7:00pm

Posted by Jack M on Mon, 25 Jul 2016
Leaders: Jack M
Standard: n/a
Meeting: No meeting

Pray for rain! Due to lack of water in the Goulburn River, we need to find another location for this trip. So it's back to the Yarra! We're expecting to do the section down from Witton's Reserve to Bourchier's Rd, which should be new to most of you.

Given the current level of the Yarra, a bit higher than normal winter flows, this should be a fun step up for those who have been in the boat a few times. You need to be confident moving the boat around and have an idea of how to navigate the river. The recommended experience level would be to have paddled on the Yarra at least twice before. Expect cold water and cold weather. Rapids should be at about a grade 1-2 standard. If the water level is too high, it's likely we'll have to modify or cancel the trip.

This trip takes the place of the goulburn trip, so the point of it is to give new paddlers a chance to take the next steps in paddling. It's also a chance for more experienced paddlers to hone their skills a bit, as well as practicing leadership skills.

Come along to the meeting on Tuesday night and speak to Jack and Emma. Your RSVP doesn't mean you have a place on the trip, attendance at the meeting is a requirement.

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