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Fri 17 6:30pm - Sun 19 Jun 2016 7:30pm

Posted by Jack M on Mon, 25 Jul 2016
Leaders: Jack M
Standard: n/a
Meeting: No meeting

If the Mitchell is still up by the weekend, we're going rafting! Final decision will be made on Thursday, if the level is looking like it will be below 1.2m on the gauge, we'll have to can it. Here's where you can keep an eye on it: http://www.whitehorsecanoeclub.com/levels.php

The Mitchell is a reasonably isolated river in Gippsland with a quite a number of grade 2-3+ rapids spread out between a lot of flat water. It's worth going just for the scenery, the whitewater is just a bonus.

I have exams this week, so it's not easy to organise, therefore we are limiting it to two rafts (12 people), three cars, all leaving Friday night. No kayakers, unless you are competent to paddle on grade 3+ without needing to be looked after.

Requirements: Very strong preference to have people who have been on whitewater before. One or two exceptions will be ok, but more than that is going to get difficult to manage the group. I'm expecting a level of independence in being able to manage yourself on the river, most importantly making sure you are going to be warm enough, which is much easier to gauge if you have been on whitewater before.

You need to have gone camping overnight before. We'll be staying at the caravan park at the take-out of the first section on Fri and Sat nights, but I'm not going to tell you to pack a toothbrush and a change of clothes.

You need to be a STRONG swimmer. Not just ABLE to swim, but to be comfortable swimming in strong currents for up to a few minutes. Talk to me at the meeting about what I'm expecting here, it's very important.

It will be cold, you will be wet, you will need a full wetsuit. Try to borrow one or visit Savers before the weekend, otherwise make do the best you can with one from the club's collection ON TUESDAY NIGHT. Don't expect a wetsuit to be brought for you, you need to organise one yourself.

Friday afternoon/evening: Drive up to camp site

Sat: (Reasonably) early start at Angusvale, down to Den of Nargun. Car shuttle, campfire, etc.

Sun: Pack up camp, back onto the river down to Final Fling. Pack up rafts, car shuttle, head home.

Trip description is here: https://www.adventurepro.com.au/paddleaustralia/pa.cgi?action=details&id=mitchell

Come to the meeting on Tuesday night to find out more and confirm your place on the trip. Even if you have replied 'yes' on Teamapp, you are required to come the meeting, as with all MUMC trips.

Any questions, email , better yet just ask me at the meeting tomorrow night because I'm studying.

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