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Fri 6 6:00pm - Sun 8 Jul 2012 10:00pm

Posted by Ryan J on Sat, 9 Jun 2012
Leaders: No leader
Standard: Beginner
Meeting: Tue, 3 Jul 2012, 7:15 pm

Requirements: Comfortable snow camping, have the right gear.

Should be plenty of snow by this time.

The plan is to drive leave Friday night, base-camp at JB plain which is just off the road before you get to Dinner Plains so no resort fees. Spend Saturday and Sunday skiing and come back Sunday afternoon/evening.

There is a hut with a long drop but you aren't allowed to sleep in it and Parks regularly chuck out snowboarding bums so everyone will need snow camping gear (can be hired from the club).

Potential for doing a few different things:

  • Muck around the base camp/learn to ski
  • Explore mix of groomed and off track trails towards either Hotham or Dinner Plain
  • There is groomed trails between Dinner Plains and Hotham and a ski hire at Dinner Plains so hiring out some non-touring skis and doing some skating is an option
  • If the weathers good go on an extended day trip on touring skis to Hotham and potentially around the ridge line to Derricks Hut. More advanced skiers can then do some backcountry downhill just outside the resort.

Trip will be beginner friendly but you need to be comfortable camping and have the right gear for it. The temperature will almost certainly be below 0 at night and could get down to -5 or lower.

I'll update this post with a list of gear or have one at the trip meeting

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