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Sat 6 8:41am - Sun 7 Oct 2012 6:41pm

Posted by Benjamin W on Sun, 30 Sep 2012
Leaders: Benjamin W, James C
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: Tue, 2 Oct 2012, 7:36 pm

Requirements: Wetsuit and warm stuff and food.

This trip will be running! Just as a daytrip on sunday because the water level is looking a little average...

Suitable for all levels of exerience. Signups will be open until late in the week, as this is an workshop weekend we will be able to teach a decent sized group.

Come to learn whitewater safety techniques on Sunday

  • Basic rope skills
  • Throwbagging
  • Swimming in whitewater
  • Whitewater crossing techniques (wading/ zip lines)
  • Mechanical advantage rope systems

We will also take boats and be able to work on beginner and intermediate kayak skills in the afternoons.

Will be held on the Goulburn river approx 2 hours from Melb. We will meet at the boat shed at 7:30AM on Sunday.

Stuff you need to bring:

  • Wetsuit (can be borrowed from club)
  • Thermals/fleece/wool to wear under the wetsuit - will make you toasty and warm
  • Lunch & Snacks



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