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Fri 29 Mar 6:00pm - Sun 7 Apr 2013 10:11pm

Posted by Benjamin W on Sun, 20 Jan 2013
Leaders: Benjamin W
Standard: app/trips.standards.Very Advanced Beginner +
Meeting: Fri, 29 Mar 2013, 5:59 pm

Requirements: Get your ass to northern NSW

Breaking the horrendous tradition of Mitchell River easter trips, as there is never any water in the Mitchell at this time of year.

If anyone is super keen, why not come up to the Nymboida when it is its prime? It's only a days drive away (albeit an extremely long day of driving...)

 Very Advanced Beginners & Intermediate Paddlers are welcome. Trip will depend if anyone is actually keen enough to figure out logistics for themselves. 

Nymboida River and many other runs in the regoin. - http://www.adventurepro.com.au/paddleaustralia/pa.cgi?sta=1&end=10&search=nymboida&sor=31&fie=all&max=10&typ=ALL_the_Words&cat=&loc=Australia&spc=#.UPumRB329nD

People who arn't super experienced will want to organise rafts (and someone to guide it) for the nymboida- it should be big- which will probably happen in the first few days of the easter break. If anyone hangs around for the rest of the week (taking a few days off work) we can kayak some of the easier runs and have a pretty intense few days working on skills skills skills on Goolang Creek (Nymboida Canoe Centre) and other easier runs in the region, at the end of which maybe you would be able to paddle the nymboida section...?

If you are keen for this trip, keep practicing your rolls and other skills on the yarra and in the pool as much as possible, you will need it once you see some real whitewater.

Trip will evolve depending on who will be there, i make no promises about anything. Email or call me spider2332[at] gmail.



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