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Fri 27 Sep - Sun 6 Oct 2013 12:00am

Posted by Ryan J on Tue, 30 Apr 2013
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Standard: app/trips.standards.Very confident beginner/intermediate skier, snow c
Meeting: Tue, 27 Aug 2013, 12:02 am

Requirements: At least one MUMC ski trip, snow camping experience, multi-day camping experience.

Snow never got a good base so is disappearing fast everywhere. There would still be enough for Alpine touring but touring and exploration looks like it won't be worth the 10+hour drive getting up there for a long weekend. Here's hoping for a better season next year.

Looking like the snow is getting worse and worse, will reassess soon to see whether there will be enough.

Just adding this now to allow people to plan ahead and to give something for beginning skiers to aim for. I’ll flesh out the details later on in the season.

The trip will be around 5-8 days in length in this week (unimelb spring break), including the time spent getting there and back.  Keep the whole time available as the actual dates will be decided on the weather forecasts at the time. Depending on the leaders I get coming on the trip numbers will be limited; max of 8 initially with potential to expand to an absolute maximum 12. If you're interested come chat to me in the clubrooms of a Tuesday.

The trip will involve snow base camping on the main range and day trips out exploring the area. There are plenty of options in the area for intermediate/advanced skiing and spring corn is a very forgiving way to push yourself on the downhill.

Rough idea of itinerary

Day 1: Drive half way of an evening, camp somewhere around Albury.

Day 2: Drive remainder of way to either Guthega or Dead Horse Gap, ski in and set up camp.

Days 3 – 5/6/7 (weather/participant dependant): Explore around the main range in one or two groups depending on skier abilities, leaders and weather. Potential for creeking the Snowy or ice climbing Blue Lake if suitable if leaders for kayaking/climbing are present and you have experience in the sport.

Final Day (6/7/8th day): Ski out to cars and drive home, camping along the way if necessary.

Trip Leader: Ryan Judd

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