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Fri 11 6:00pm - Sun 13 Oct 2013 6:00pm

Posted by Mitchell S on Mon, 19 Aug 2013
Leaders: Mitchell S, Josh H
Standard: Beginner
Meeting: Tue, 8 Oct 2013, 7:00 pm

Requirements: Must be able to swim!

The annual inter-uni paddling trip, with groups joining us from Monash, Latrobe and RMIT Universities. For those not interested in kayaking or rafting, there will be a group hiking along the Mitchell River Walking Track, led by Josh Howie.

Drive down Friday night or super early Saturday morning and camp at
a campground (with hot showers!) mid way along the section we paddle.

Saturday paddle from Angusvale to the Den of Nargun and leave boats up on the flood terraces. From there it is a 15 minute walk back to the campground - warm up, cook dinner and enjoy a few beverages around a fire.

Sunday retrace our steps to the river and paddle down to the take out at the Final Fling (III) rapid.

Those wishing to kayak must have kayaked with the club and be at a suitable standard.

Gear hire costs per person:
kayaks $15
Rafts approx $30, dependent upon numbers as we have to hire them commercially. If you are interested in rafting I need to know numbers before the end of September so that I can book the required number of rafts.

Info about the paddle at http://www.adventurepro.com.au/paddleaustralia/pa.cgi?action=details&id=mitchell#.UhF8t9JxR8E

Any questions email me


Those who have replied to me that they are rafting:
Dani CA, 1) TJ, 2)Vincent Lee, 3) Zhi Wei, 4) Loren Leong, 5) Olga Galeieva, 6) Sebastian Gonzalez, 7) Miriam Powell, 8) Clara N, 9) Sytske, 10) Christina Wirth, 11) Steven Birkett, 12) Arom Malee, 13) Reilly Beacom , 14) Shi Yi, 15) Clementine Massemin, 16) James Dear, 17) William Keller, 18) Julia Schnatz, 

Those on a waitlist due to a limit of 18 participants:
Daivd, Andy Martinez, Eliska, Martina

James Christofaro, Daniel Cocker, Ryan Judd, David Platzer


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