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Fri 6 Jun - Mon 1 Sep 2014 12:00am

Posted by Olivia Grover J on Wed, 14 May 2014
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Meeting: Tue, 3 Jun 2014, 10:09 pm

Winter is coming, and hopefully the snow will come too!

Planning is underway for many trips this ski season, but we are at the mercy of the weather gods, and must wait for the snow to arrive. The following trips have been dreamed up:

Opening Weekend (3 days): Mt Bogong with Ryan (see upcoming adventures) 

Day Trips (all abilities): Lake Mountain or Stirling. As soon as the snow falls deep enough : )

Extended Ski-touring/trekking (Intermediate): Kosciuszko NP, NSW. Trip run by Gleb in August. (See Upcoming Adventures for more info). 

Intermediate Ski Trip: The Fainters or Falls Creek Huts.

Advanced Ski Trip: Bogong. Fast and Steep. Staying in Cleeve Cole hut or on the Eskdale spur. Probably in August. This is targetted at people who are already confident downhill skiiers, who want to try out some back-country terrain.

Midnight Ascent (Annual Club Event): August. Keep your eyes & ears open for details!

Cross-Country Ski Race (all abilities): Kangaroo Hoppet, Falls Creek. There are 3 distances to compete in: 7km, 21km and 42km. August (See Upcoming Adventures for more info). 

New Zealand Ski Touring: September. Get someone to introduce you to Stu Holloway for more information.

Get excited!



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