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Sun 12 Oct 2014 10:00am - 3:00pm

Posted by Roisin B on Sun, 29 Jun 2014
Leaders: Roisin B
Standard: app/trips.standards.Beginner - Advanced
Meeting: Tue, 7 Oct 2014, 7:00 pm

Requirements: You will need complete your top-rope belay test at bayside prior to the competition date, otherwise there is something for all skill levels!

Alright folks its that time of year again!  Come one and all to take on all the other uni's in a fun and relaxed setting!

The Victorian intervarsity Climbing Comp is a top roping social competition where each of the universities compete for the intervarsity championship.  All skill levels are encouraged to participate.

The prizes are given out as spot prizes so you don't have to win to get something awesome!  

MUMC has won the last two competitions and needs a strong team to keep their title!  The point is to have fun, and participate in a competition without the added pressure.  Just grab a mate and come climb for a day, and who knows, at the end you might walk away with a new harness!

To register head here: http://vicintervarsityclimb.wordpress.com/registration/

All the inforamtion can be found here: http://vicintervarsityclimb.wordpress.com/

If you have any questions relating to the competition please feel free to conatct me at 

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