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Fri 5 - Sun 7 Sep 2014 12:00am

Posted by Dale T on Wed, 27 Aug 2014
Leaders: No leader
Standard: app/trips.standards.Advanced Independent - Trip Limit 6
Meeting: Tue, 2 Sep 2014, 7:30 pm

Requirements: You must have been on at least one overnight ski tour, have experience snow camping, have a reasonable standard of fitness, and be willing to assist with driving :)

The plan is to ski from Mt Hotham to Fall Creek in a weekend. We'll cover lots of terrain and visit five backcountry huts - it should be a fun and scenic trip. The skiing is not particularly hard, but there is a lot of distance to cover. Full trip costs including dinner Friday and Sunday nights, accommodation and bus links should be between $170-$190pp.

Friday night - drive to Bright staying in local accommodation ($30-$50pp) and park cars there for the weekend.

Day 1: Mt Hotham/Mt Loch to Cope Hut (21km)

Catch bus from Bright to Mt Hotham (approx $30pp) arriving Mt Hotham 8:30am. Ski from Mt Hotham to Cope Hut (21 km) via Derrick and Dibbin Huts, Swindlers Spur, Cobungra Gap and Pole 333.

Day 2: Cope Hut to Falls Creek (14km)

Ski from Cope Hut to Falls Creek via Wallaces and Langford Gap Huts and Heaphy Spur. Catch bus from Falls Creek to Bright (arriving Bright 6:45pm) and then drive home.

I'm posting this now - but this trip requires quite good snow levels, a good weather forecast, and accommodation and bus availability - this weekend Stu and I will be at Hotham and we'll check out the snow, the weather we will keep watching. It is likely we will need to commit to bus tickets and accommodation deposits prior to Tuesday so please leave your email address if you're interested.


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