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Fri 31 Oct 4:00pm - Tue 4 Nov 2014 8:00pm

Posted by Richard B on Mon, 6 Oct 2014
Leaders: Richard B
Standard: n/a
Meeting: Tue, 28 Oct 2014, 7:30 pm

Requirements: Have attended a number of club trips and have the ability to travel light.

Up to eight places available. Sign up to express your interest.

Note: The trip meeting will be at the Dan O'Connel Pub due to Pie and Slide.

An enjoyable summer trip with medium-hard bushwalking and perhaps some 'unpredictable liloing' in and around the Snowy Gorge, Little River Gorge. Spring is close enough, let's hope we have some nice weather.

You'll have to read the full article but here is what you are getting yourself into with a few extracts from the 'The Mountianeer, May 1976, Little River Robbery'.

'When sleeping under the stars first ensure that you have stars and, secondly, remember that a one hour rainfall lasts four hours under trees.'

'Dave does not recommend the head first on the back approach to blackberries even with a pack, and Rob doesn't think much more of the feet first approach in shorts.'

'Warning Lemon cheesecake attracts ants when left to set in the open, however, the formic acid aroma does not detract from the taste much. The mocca flavour cheesecake appears to be ant but not people proof although more university' controlled tests are required to fully examine this hypothesis.'

'A swim (not compulsory) below the next major falls is recommended even if you don't have a lilo and a waterproof camera, but don't get dry afterwards.'

'It is amazing how boots render any swimming kick completely ineffective, and at times seem t o propel you in the other direction.'

'Packs carefully waterproofed with myriads of plastic bags still double in weight with each swim.'

'When Nik appears hesitant about sliding the last few feet into the next swim Rob (another one?) suggests that a pack rolling down from about 20ft. up the steep rock slope is sufficient incentive for anyone to take the plunge.'


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