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Sat 24 Jan 7:00am - Sun 1 Feb 2015 7:00pm

Posted by Taner K on Sat, 3 Jan 2015
Leaders: Taner K
Standard: app/trips.standards.People who can look after themselves
Meeting: Tue, 20 Jan 2015, 7:20 pm

Requirements: If you want to go canyoning, you should have been in a few technical ones before, otherwise, talk to a leader. If you want to come and see what happens or are happy with other activities or can otherwise entertain yourself, then the decision is with you.

Update: I'm most likely leaving Friday afternoon and hoping to do something on saturday provided the weather is ok. There's a very small group of us in 1 or 2 cars so there's still space for joining last minute. I can be best contacted by email on: taner.kuc at

Anywhere from 5-10 days up in the awesome blue mountains to go canyoning or whatever else.

For independent canyoners and climbers mostly. But open to discussion, if you are a beginner wanting to come, convince more "leaders" to come on the trip!

Likely campspot: Cathedral Reserve at Mount Wilson. Big open space, a short drive away from phone reception, lots of firewood, and conveniences like toilets and clean water.

Likely dates: Saturday 24 Jan - Wednesday 28 Jan or possibly longer until sunday 1 Feb. But I'm sure there will be options to go for a shorter/longer time. Rideshare/plane/bus plus a sydney network train can get you to within a convenient pickup point for someone to get you to/from the campsite if car groups don't work for the dates you can come for.

Unlike the previous 2 canyoning trips this season which were mostly to build skills in easier canyons, the focus of this one will be longer canyons or link ups of multiple canyons, with overnighting in or between canyons an option.

It's also blue mountains so there's potential for climbing, hiking, mountain biking (I'll have a bike rack with room for one more bike)

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