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Fri 17 6:00pm - Sun 19 Apr 2015 5:00pm

Posted by Rodney P on Thu, 12 Feb 2015
Leaders: Aaron L, Rodney P, Simona John v
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: Tue, 14 Apr 2015, 7:30 pm

Requirements: Able to confidently second grade 10 without resting on the rope. Have an indoor lead pass from any indoor climbing gym, or can demonstrate proper lead climbing/belaying technique. Have own personal climbing gear (harness, shoes, belay device etc). Helmets may be hired from the club.

This is the second module in a 3 part course designed to teach you everything you need to know about climbing safely and independently in the outdoors. The reason it is in 3 modules is to give you time to get enough experience in each module to learn the next. Remember also that the focus of these courses is on safety - not your climbing ability.

A description of all three modules to the course are as follows (more in-depth descriptions can be found by looking at the module itself):

Learn To Lead 1 - Sport Climbing Outdoors

You've already done this one or already know these skills - See the (past) trip description of what you need to have learned if you missed it. Catching up is possible - if you're committed you will find a way!

Learn To Lead 2 - Trad Climbing
Pre-requisites: Must have been climbing outdoors with the club at least twice, one of which involved you and a similar-level partner sport climbing. Pre-placed trad gear is okay for this, as long as you can demonstrate your ability to lead climb safely. You can demonstrate mastery of sport-climbing safety concerns and the techniques to manage them. You DON'T need to have attended the Sport Climbing Course but due to time constraints it is not possible to teach these at the same time without detriment to the trad-climbing content.

Course content: This course is about leading single-pitch climbs using traditional gear.  We will teach you to place natural-rock protection, to build anchors at the top of the cliff, and some basic leading tactics that differ from what have learned while sport climbing.  You will be able to climb independently when you master these skills.

This course will run at Arapiles, and the max leader to beginner ratio for this trip is 1:3.

Costs: Course fee $50, but you get this back as credit in the gear store to use before LtL 3.  Gear hire $30.  Petrol by the formula.


This module sets you up to attend the final module in the course:

Learn To Lead 3 - Multi-Pitch In the final module of this series we will take what you have learned and apply it to rock faces much higher than 30m. See the trip description for more details.


Final Note on LTL2:  If you miss this one because you don't have this weekend available or because the trip is already full, then I am running a repeat of the same thing next weekend 25/26 April 2015. See that trip description here and sign up to that if that weekend suits better.

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