MUMC Membership

Who Can Join?

Membership to MUMC is open everybody students and non students alike.

As an affiliated sporting club of Melbourne University the membership consists primarily of Melbourne University students and alumni however we do have many members who have no connection with the university at all.  MUMC has long had a tradition of retaining members long after they have left their undergraduate study.  This been important to the club for retaining and transferring knowledge and skills.

(Unfortunately the club cannot accept students under the age of 18)

Membership Fees

Joining MUMC costs $20 for students at the University of Melbourne, and $92 for everyone else.  Membership lasts for a calendar year, and the annual fee is due at the start of first semester.  Members who join in November and December are treated as if they had joined at the start of the following year.

Membership Benefits

The Clubrooms

The MUMC clubrooms have it all! We're just south of the main Melbourne University campus at 171 Berkeley St, opposite the ‘SPOT’ building.We have a Bouldering Wall, Kitchen, Library and even a Movie Theatre! We're still working on opening the place up more regularly but if you come past and find the door open, come in and make use of the place.

Gear Hire

The club maintains extensive stores of gear for all the clubs activities. Even if you have never been into the outdoors before, the club has most of the gear you might need for a trip. This gear is available to club members at inexpensive rates, saving you the large costs of purchasing your own gear. Read on about gear hire.

Subscription to The Mountaineer

The club magazine, The Mountaineer, comes out several times a year. The magazine includes trip reports from recent club adventures, how-to guides to improve your skills, planning guides, all accompanied by heaps of photographs. All members are encouraged to submit content. Past issues of The Mountaineer are also available online.


By showing your membership card, you can receive discounts in gear shops and at local climbing gyms:

How do I join?

Get started by filling out a membership form or visit our membership page for more information.