The Club's gear stores can hire you almost anything you might need for any of our sports - we have an abundance of gear just waiting to get outside! As you go on more and more trips you'll become more experienced and can start thinking about accumulating your own equipment. Hire fees vary, but most items are $5-10 for a weekend.

Hire Rules

Gear hire is available to any member participating in a club trip, and these have priority over other trips. Gear can only be borrowed for non-club trips if the member has been on at least a couple of club trips beforehand. Gear is never available to hire for non-members. Gear store officers have the final say for what can be borrowed. 

Please note that we require a deposit paid in cash when borrowing gear (usually $20).  
Hiring of personal locator beacons (PLBs) or GPS are strongly encouraged for all remote trips.


Come by the clubrooms to hire gear, ideally on a Tuesday during the club meetings. Alternatively, coming in outside of trip meetings may be possible by prior arrangement. Same goes for returning gear. Please treat gear with respect, and ensure that it is returned clean and dry. This is especially important for sleeping bags and tents.

Also check out our library for plenty of reading material and inspiration.

A non exhaustive list of the gear that may be available to hire:


  • Tents (Car camping / hiking / snow)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sleeping mats
  • Backpacks
  • Hardshell jacket/pants
  • Map
  • Compass 
  • Stove
  • Personal locator beacon (PLB)
  • GPS
  • Bothy Bag
  • First Aid Kit
  • Gaiters

Rock Climbing*

People hiring seconder kits and racks are responsible for returning all the items listed below. Please check that the set is complete before removing from the gear store.

Helmets are free with hire but require a deposit.
Miscellaneous protection may be hired for the rack fee (a donation would be appreciated though) and should be listed on the gear strip.

Shoe Hire - Donation is appreciated (Can be hired by everyone) 

Gym hire - $5 (Can be hired by everyone) 

  • Shoes 
  • Harness 
  • Locking carabiner

Seconding kit - $5 (Can be hired by Probationary Seconders and Seconders)

  • Belay device
  • Locking carabiner x3
  • Prusik
  • 120cm Sling
  • Nut tool

Lead rope - $10 (Can be hired by people with Melbourne indoor Lead Passes)

Guidebooks - $2 (Can be hired by everyone)

Trad rack - $10 (can be hired by probationary lead climbers, ILCs and MCIs)

  • Rocks 1-10
  • 10 other Wires
  • 5 Camalots, sizes 0.3 to 3
  • 8 Quickdraws
  • 8 Extendable draws
  • Prusik (w locking carabiners)
  • 2 Locking carabiners
  • 2x 120cm Sling
  • 7m Cordelette
  • Gear sling
  • Nut tool

Sport rack - $10 (can be hired by probationary sport lead climbers, ILCs and MCIs)

  • 12 Quickdraws
  • 120cm sling
  • 2 Locking carabiners
  • Prusik

Misc Protection and items - $5 per item (unless being hired with a trad rack)

  • Large cams (BD Camalot 3.5, 4, and 5)
  • RP wires
  • Hexes
  • Extra nuts
  • Gri Gri ( you need to know how to use safely)
  • Belay devices
  • Hand Ascenders
  • Climbing Guide Books for most Victorian and some interstate locations
  • Instructional books (some are part of the library)

* You may need to be checked off as a seconder and/or a leader before hiring from the climbing gear store. See the MUMC Climbing System section of the Rock Climbing page for more information.

Canyoning and caving*

  • Helmets
  • Harnesses
  • Descending devices (figure eight devices, racks, ...)
  • Static ropes
  • Cow's tails (short lengths of dynamic rope used to clip into anchors and other things)
  • Prussiks (lengths of rope that are generally thinner than the rope you climb or abseil on)
  • Wetsuits (see Kayaking and Rafting)
  • Dry bags (see Kayaking and Rafting)
  • Canyoning and caving backpacks
  • Guide books for Blue Mountains, New Zealand canyoning

* As at late 2019, there are still changes being made to safety management procedures, therefore the hiring of canyoning and caving gear may be limited. For more information, see the Climbing Education Framework documents.


The boat shed stores all our gear for our paddling activities: kayaking, rafting and canoe polo.

Rates apply for the actual time that the gear will be in use, but gear must be returned/hired before/after the next club trip, i.e. I can hire a boat on Tuesday for use on Thursday for an evening paddle on the Yarra, but must return it before the weekend if there is a club trip happening. If I do not, then I have to pay hire rates for the time that the other trip went out for. 

Item1/2 Day1 DayWeekendExtra DayWeekly CapAnnual

Kayak, Helmet, Deck, Paddle, Lifejacket + Cag

Partial Hire - per item (kayak/dry cag)$5$8$10$4$20NA
Partial Hire -per item (Deck, paddle, cag, lifejacket, helmet)$2.50$4$5$2$10NA
Raft + Paddle + Helmet + PFD$15$25$40$15$80NA
Canoe Polo Full Kit (kayak, helmet, deck, paddle, Buoyancy Aid, bib, cag)$5$7.5$10$2.5$20$120
Dry Bags (non paddling trips)$5$10$15$5$30NA
Dry Bags (For personal gear)$5$10$15$5$30NA

We also have River maps available for club trips. 

Non-club trips are charged at the normal rates. Club trips take priority. 

Gear hire for leaders is free.

Snow sports

  • Snow shoes
  • Telemark skis
  • Ski poles
  • Skins
  • Gloves
  • Ski goggles
  • Telemark boots
  • Snow shovels


  • Dry treated ropes
  • Ice tools
  • Crampons
  • Ice screws
  • Snow stakes
  • Guide books

* As at late 2019, there are still changes being made to safety management procedures, therefore the hiring of mountaineering gear may be limited. For more information, see the Climbing Education Framework documents.