Rafting is a great entry to whitewater. There is usually plenty of opportunity for piracy along the way too. Both relaxing on the flats, and thrilling on the rapids, rafting is a rewarding experience for beginners and seasoned adventurers. 

 Group photo on the Mitchell River!
Photo: Evelyn Clarke

Rafting with MUMC

No matter what your level of experience, rafting is a great sport to get involved in. There are plenty of opportunities to get to know fellow club members as you work in a team of seven to navigate the river, with the help of your leader perched on the rear of the raft. With three brand new rafts and a range of water gear, MUMC has most of the equipment to get you on the water and have a great time. As you build your confidence, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn to be a raft leader, or to even try out kayaking.

On the Mitta Mitta River
Photo credit: Olivia Grover-Johnson


Victoria has a variety of spectacular rivers to go rafting, such as the Mitta Mitta, the Mitchell, the Goulburn, and the Snowy Rivers. These have a variety of rapids which constantly change with the flow of the river, making each experience exciting and unique. 

To read about MUMC's recent rafting adventures, check out our club magazine - The Mountaineer

Upcoming Rafting Trips

Intervarsity Mitchell River Rafting

Fri 22 5:00pm - Sun 24 Sep 2017 5:00pm

Snowy River Rafting and Kayaking

Fri 6 6:00pm - Sun 8 Oct 2017 11:30pm

Franklin River Rafting

Wed 20 Dec 2017 - Sat 6 Jan 2018

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Past Rafting Trips

Mitta Mitta rafting/kayaking

Fri 1 - Sat 2 Sep 2017

Beginner Whitewater Rafting - Big River

Sun 20 Aug 2017 7:00am - 7:00pm

Overnight Kayaking

Fri 9 - Mon 12 Jun 2017

Thomson River

Fri 21 4:30pm - Sun 23 Apr 2017

Last Minute Franklin River!

Sun 11 7:30am - Sat 17 Dec 2016 6:00pm

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