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7pm Tuesdays (all year round) at the MUMC clubrooms
169-171 Berkeley Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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How to join

For detailed instructions, see Join Us.

1. Create an account on Team App

Sign up via browser or download the Team App app onto your device; activate your account, log in.

2. Join mumc.teamapp.com

If on the app, search for MUMC; click Join.

3. Fill out membership details

Select Access Group 'Members 2016' and complete ALL required fields. 

4. Pay membership fee

- Pay online via the MUMC Store
- Pay in cash at Tuesday 7pm meetings at the clubrooms (171 Berkeley St, Melbourne). Enter the receipt number into the 'Cash Payment Receipt ID' field on your membership page.

5. Collect your membership card

Welcome to the Mountaineering Club!

Upcoming Adventures

RSVP to trips on Team App. To sign up to and go on club trips you MUST be a current registered member for 2016 on Team App.

To go on a trip, you MUST attend the trip meeting on the Tuesday preceding the trip. It is not sufficient to sign up on Team App - RSVPs are merely an expression of interest and you will not be given spot on the trip if you do not attend the meeting.


Email secretary -at- mumc [dot] org [dot] au or find out how to contact us.

Team app
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MUMC is migrating trip management to team app : https://mumc.teamapp.com/

Check out the team app page to see upcoming trips and news or get the app https://mumc.teamapp.com/ to get all the informations on your phone.

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The AGM will be taking place on Tuesday the 13th of October at the club room. starting at 7PM.

Nominations for this year :


  • Richard Bassett-Smith
  • Daniel Cocker
  • Mark Patterson
  • Mitchell Stephen


  • Richard Bassett-Smith
  • Daniel Cocker
  • Mitchell Stephen


  • Patrick Mulcahy
  • Simin Ngan
  • Rodney Polkinghorne
  • Gina Snelling


  • David Heng

Walking Sports Officer

  • Evie Clarke

Snow Sports Officer

  • Luke Frisken
  • Egil Heier
  • Alice Newman

Rope Sports Officer

  • Matt Dunwoodie
  • Rodney Polkinghorne

Paddling Sports Officer

  • Jack McCutchan

Mountaineering Officer

  • Richard Bassett-Smith
  • Daniel Cocker
  • Luke Frisken
  • Julian Goad

Conservation Officer

  • Sally Stead

Publications Officer

  • Anja Fuechtbauer

General Member

  • Ti Jung Chang
  • Evie Clarke
  • Isabel Cornes
  • David Heng
  • Lingshu Liu
  • Alaster Meehan
  • Alice Newman
  • Mitchell Stephen

Proxy form, agenda an other information available here : http://www.mumc.org.au/agm

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